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 Field Trip to Henan Province, China (2012/12/31)



As an annual activity to familiarize destinations within China, Topline staff has visited Henan Province, the cradle of Chinese civilization, during the past Christmas holiday.


The four days’ trip includes cities of Kaifeng , Zhengzhou and Luoyang.


The highlight of this trip is Longmen Grottoes. It's hard to describe the enormity and beauty of this place. There are more than 100,000 Buddhas carved into the side of the mountain, and you can poke into all the caves and niches that contain them. Located along to the Yi River, the setting is peaceful and beautiful. The Buddha carvings range in size from 2 cm to over 17 meters and are a stunning example of the artistic renderings from the Wei and Tang dynasties.



The visit to the house of the descendents of Jewish in Kaifeng is another highlight. The host of the house named Esther Guo Yan, a woman of about 25 or 30 who preserves one of the seven Jewish family names. Esther is the granddaughter of the last renowned Jewish notable from Kaifeng, and she runs a tiny, rough-hewn shrine to the history of Kaifeng Jewry. She escorts visitors to her home, which is located in the historic Jewish quarter. Her interests are to recall the old Jewish community and to bring knowledge about Chinese culture to what she refers to as her “hometown,” Jerusalem.





The Luoyang Water Banquet at Zhenbutong Restaurant, the oldest and the most reputed water banquet restaurant in China has also impressed us. With carefully selected materials and strict serving procedures, the banquet boasts a long history and rich culture. The water banquet comprises eight cold and 16 warm dishes cooked in various broths, gravies or juices. The most recommended of the 24 dishes is Mudan Yan Cai or the 'Peony Swallow Dish'.



During the trip, we have also visited the White Horse Temple, Shaolin Temple, Kongfu school, and other historical sightseeing spots. Besides, we have inspected several hotels in each city. The most impressive one is a boutique hotel called Yong Tai Jing She, which is located 2kms from Shaolin Temple and surrounded by mountains.   



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