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Q: From which cities can I enter China?
A: The most convenient entry and exit points for China are Beijing, Shanghai, Gunagzhou, Guilin and Hong Kong, however, other places are available. There are frequent flights to and from cities in all parts of the world. You can find more specific information by consulting your preferred airline or travel advisor.
Q: Will I be charged for excess baggage on Chinese airlines?
A: The baggage allowance in economy class in China is 20kg of check in baggage. Policy of this restriction varies but it is quite possible that overweight baggage will attract additional charges. The charge is calculated as follows: 1.5% of the economy airfare charged per kg. e.g. if the airfare is 1000 excess baggage will be charged at a rate of 15 per kg.
Q: What kind of electrical adaptor should I bring?
A: Electricity in China is 220V, 50 cycles, AC. Two-pin sockets and some three-pin sockets are in use. Most of the hotels have a socket in the bathroom for both 110V and 220V. Most hotels have built-in convectors in bathrooms for shaving, hair dryers, etc. Outside of the bathroom, only 220V sockets are provided so a converter will be required to change the voltage from 220v to 110V and well as an adopter to allow different pins to be used. Most hotels will have adopters but it is always wise to be prepared if you have some piece of electrical equipment which is essential to operate.
Q: Where is Tianjin Port? How far is it from Beijing?

A: Tianjin is a harbor city which is only 150km southeast away from Beijing and it is nearly 2 hours drive between the two cities.

Q: When is the best time to visit China?

A: Choosing the best time to visit China depends on which places you wish to visit, what type of weather you enjoy. May, September and October are the peak tourist months at China's most popular destinations when the weather is most comfortable, but prices are higher, and everywhere is more crowded. Prices drop a bit in the shoulder season, which runs from late March through April and from June through August. The low season arrives in late November, and continues through the winter when there are fewer crowds and the prices are lower.



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